Sunday, August 31, 2014

Image Acquisition Project

For our first project we had to take pictures of a person, the environment, and an action. We then had to take or make an abstract version of these pictures and lastly we had to make a digital painting of what was photographed.

The first set of pictures that I did was a picture of me. The abstract picture is just of my nose and the digital picture is an attempt at drawing myself. (i'm not good at drawing) This is below.
The second set of pictures that I did was of the environment which happens to be of a tcnj building. The abstract picture was made taken really really up close to the sidewalk in front of the building and the digital picture was made utilizing shapes from Photoshop. This is below.

The third set of pictures that I did was of an action. The abstract picture is of the middle part of the fan and the action I chose is of a fan spinning. The digital painting is a drawn fan with arrows representing the action of the fan moving. This and the final is below.