Thursday, September 11, 2014

Image Composition Project 2

The three pictures for the image composition project (2) is below. 
The first picture is of an explosion happening in the background of a football field. I achieved this by selecting the background of the football field utilizing the magic wand and the quick select, and then making it transparent. I then moved the picture of the explosion in the background behind the original football field picture. 

The second picture is of patrick from spongebob being surprised by US military members. This type of photo is actually an internet phenomenon. I basically took a picture of patrick with this face and rotated it so it looked like it was going to be facing the correct way. I then selected that piece of the wall and moved that selection in front of Patrick. so it appeared as if patrick was peeking out from behind the wall. The last finishing touches came when I used the burn tool to simulate patrick's shadows. 

The third picture is a TCNJ last supper. It features TCNJ campus town in the background which was done by selecting the window space and deleting it and then putting the picture of campus town behind it. Also TCNJ is sketched very subtly above Jesus' head which was done by creating text and then utilizing the brush tool to color the text the same color as the wall. 

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