Thursday, December 4, 2014

Final Video Documentation

The link to my video is :


This video was made as part of my IMM110 class. I am in a club called Lions Television on campus and they focus on learning television and working as a news outlet for TCNJ. As an executive member of Lions Television, I am in charge of public relations and media. I have made their website , worked on their social media, and have now began a huge project to cover and document every single student organization on campus. This project will be kicked off with this video that I have created and will be sent out to the student organization list-serve that exists on campus. 


Planning happened for my project in two phases. First I met with the president and the public relations person from LTV and we decided what was really important and what the main goal of the video was. After this meeting I went and planned out the video by making a storyboard for the video. I utilized this to gather my thoughts and organize my video before I made it. I utilized pencil and paper and jotted down general ideas of shots and sections of the video so that it would be quicker and more efficient in editing. The video will start at the upper left box then move across then jump back down to the bottom left box and then all the way across. This storyboard helped in creating the storyline as well and aided in actually going into the video production process. 

Production Log
            This video was a long process because of the amount of clips that it contains. The longest step was actually obtaining all of the footage. I went through ltv’s youtube channel and searched for specific categories of videos that I knew I would be using in the video. I singled out the chemical spill that happened in April 2014 and a video we had made covering the progress being made in campus town as the headlines and then used the categories of concerts, comedians, and student organization events on campus as organization for the entire video.
            After finding appropriate footage for each, I created text slides that were relevant to the entire idea. I searched for music that was really dramatic and would be very quick so the video would move very quickly. The hardest part was then taking all of these clips, texts, and music to line up in sync. After a couple of hours of straight editing, the video was finished and I began to look over and tweak everything. One important tweak was making the text slides visually appealing by making or finding separate graphics for each text slide. 
I believe that I did a very good job on this final assignment. I am confident in my Photoshop and video production skills. I created the video to advertise for this campaign and I believe once I use this video that it will portray the message that it was originally intended for. I believe I was able to get student clubs to understand the scope of LTV’s involvement in the campus community. I also think that they now have the confidence in LTV’s ability to shoot video and then cover events. When this video is sent out to the student organization list-serve on campus, the idea is that organizations will go and research LTV and then use us in the future.  

The link to my video is :

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